We offer Beginner and Intermediate level courses in partnership with Urban Bee Supplies. Head over to their website for more details and registration links.

Beginner Beekeeper Courses

Join master beekeepers Julia Common, co-founder and Chief Beekeeper at Hives for Humanity Society, and Lindsay Dault, owner of Urban Bee Supplies and Urban Bee Honey Farm, to discover the hive!

Discover the wonder of the honeybee and explore the key fundamentals essential for sustainable beekeeping. This professional, high energy duo will deliver an innovative, entertaining, and highly practical course in beginner beekeeping.

Lindsay and Julia both BCHPA certified instructors and experienced urban beekeepers will teach you how to safely and confidently start caring for your own bees.

Rooted in a love for bees and the culture of the hive, these instructors offer a fresh approach to beekeeping.

The course is delivered in 8 modules, over 2 days, covering the core principles that support best practices in beekeeping. This course is intended for anyone interested in keeping bees, whether you plan to have one colony or 300, this puts you on the right path to success and honey abundance!

All students will be given the option to attend a field day.

Intermediate Courses

These compact courses offer hand on mentorship in small field settings to hone skills; taught by Master Beekeeper Julia Common.

As honey-bee colonies grow and age they become more and more complex, and there are many pressures that place stress on them along the way.

How might we manage the colonies for health: based in nutrition, lowering and relieving stress, fostering balance, and working with the knowledge of the bees themselves?

These courses will appear over the spring and summer at different locations around the city.

Topics will include:
Integrated Pest Management

The best we can do as beekeepers is come together, learn from each other, listen to the bees, and support balance. We look forward to learning with you and sharing our knowledge.