We are a registered non-profit society with the Province of British Columbia!

In 2012 we brought one hive of honey bees into a community garden in the heart of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (DTES).

At first we were unsure how the bees would fare and how the community would respond. We hoped that the beehive would bring a general sense of well-being to the neighbourhood and it would complement the many therapeutic and supportive activities already occurring in the garden.

 The bees enhanced the community in the most gentle and natural manner. Participants, visitors, passersby, program staff, and the wider community traded stories and information as the bees did their work; people shared in the responsibility of and caring for the hives and marveled at how the bees were thriving; and finally, everyone got to dip their fingers into fresh honey!

We realized that the community was talking about what to do next spring, how to grow the project and how to share the joy of the bees with others; and that we had started something truly meaningful.

Hives for Humanity Society was established in September 2012, as a result of this first season with that single hive. We now manage over 200 hives in communities throughout Vancouver and Delta, through partnership and collaboration, connecting all kinds of people and pollinators to inclusive and supportive community and opportunity.

Check out this incredible video below that tells the story and truly shares the feeling of our first project at Hastings Folk Garden.