Co-Founder, Chief Beekeeper

Julia Common, BSc & MSc Agriculture, Bee Master, BCHPA Certified Instructor.

As Chief Beekeeper, Julia oversees all Hives for Humanity bee hives and mentors our community in beekeeping.

She is a passionate speaker, a skilled beekeeper, and finds joy in teaching others.




Chief Community Officer, CEO

Sarah Common, BSc Agriculture, Global Resource Systems; Bee Master.

Sarah is a community support worker and beekeeper; she is passionate about fostering vibrant, healthy community through empowerment and education.

She believes in the profound impact of connecting individuals and communities to their land, their food and their spirit.


leslie beekeeping 2019.jpg


Lead Beekeeper

Leslie manages the health of all of our urban honey bee colonies, facilitating workshops and mentoring our community volunteer beekeepers as she goes.

paula hfg 2019.jpg


Garden Manager

Paula manages all of the gardens that we build and maintain to support wild and managed species of pollinators with forage and habitat, and to create meaningful opportunities for skills sharing and training with our community volunteers in the DTES of Vancouver.

nadine beekeeping.JPG


Project Manager of Bee Space

Nadine manages all sales of products and keeping the back ends of our work buzzing soundly. She supports our team of community volunteers in preparing and delivering to our restaurant and retail partners.