Hives for Humanity is a non-profit organisation that creates meaningful opportunities for connection to community and nature, through the bees. We create a spectrum of flexible opportunity for people to engage in the therapeutic culture that we build around our bee hives.

This includes public awareness and education, skills training and mentorship, and green work opportunities for those who are experiencing poverty, isolation, trauma and loss, in Vancouver’s vulnerable communities.

Our impact

In 2018 Hives for Humanity:

  • Managed 19 therapy apiaries and 26 green spaces around the DTES

  • Hosted 147 community workshops with 479 community participants

  • Provided $49,000 income to some of our community members

Our goal is to increase all of these by 2021 to:

  • Manage 26 therapy apiaries and 33 green spaces around the DTES

  • Host 225 community workshops with >1,000 participants

  • Provide $65,000 income to community members

We need your help to increase our impact

When you hold a frame of bees in your hands, or taste honey from a garden you have cared for, your interconnection becomes tangible, and your potential is engaged.

By annually sponsoring one of our hives, you create these transformational moments of connection, you bring people into community, and you take a meaningful step towards saving the bees. Together we can foster a healthy, diverse and inclusive city, for people and pollinators of all kinds.

How it works:

$5,000 annual

  • Support 2 bee hives at a therapeutic apiary

  • Create 10 mentorship hours for Downtown Eastside (DTES) community beekeepers and 5 workshops for the community at your sponsored Therapeutic Apiary

  • Support pollinator friendly habitat for the bees and inclusive opportunities for people

Perks for your team

  • Engage your team with a 2 hour experiential workshop around the hive (for up to 20 people)

  • Receive photos and stories throughout the season to share with your network


Some words from our Therapeutic Apiary participants:

“Gave me hope where there was none before” - Ian

“A reason to lift my head” - Jim

“Picks my spirit up. Makes me feel good. Bringing things to life and maintaining it.” - Participant

“...when you look at the streets they can be scuzzy, but even just looking at the garden it’s peaceful, serene, pleasant, calming—reminds people of more pleasant times. It inspires fresh ideas and feelings—calming—whether to work or to wander.” - Participant

“I have a purpose when I get up in the morning—something for the community, learning new things and building creativity.” - Participant