Hives for Humanity is a non-profit organization founded in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2012, that supports inclusion and builds belonging through the culture we build around each bee hive. Through mentorship based programming at 19 Therapeutic Apiaries, in partnership with local organisations, we create flexible opportunities that deepen self-worth, community pride and connectivity to nature. We participate in local sustainable economies. We support at-risk populations of people and pollinators. And we do so with respect and joy.

We believe in the impact that moments of connection can have. The small actions that foster hope. The networks of relationships that create change. We believe in the interconnection of people, plants, pollinators and planet; that we are all one.

Social and environmental justice are intertwined, and connection to land is a worldview that people Indigenous to this land have been practicing since time immemorial. Hives for Humanity is an access point to land, food and community, for all of us who have been disconnected, who experience isolation or systemic marginalization. The bees, buzzing, fragrant and unique, are a way into community; through our shared humanity that is our relationships with those around us.